Thursday, November 24, 2016

Macy's - parade and premiums

Photo that appeared in the New York Herald Tribune, December 9, 1934

Two exceptionally rare Disney books also have a Macy's department store tie-in. In 1934 and 1935, Disney licensee Whitman published small Big Little Book-type premiums, which were handed-out exclusively by the Macy's Toy Department Santa Claus.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie at Macy's was published in 1934 and ran 144 pages. This soft-cover book told the story of the Pilgrims.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie March to Macy's
was published in 1935 and also ran 144 pages in length. This book told the story of Mickey and Minnie's trip to New York City.

The newspaper clipping comes from my own files, while the two premiums are from the collection of Dennis Books.