Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Any good movies playing ?

Earlier this year I purchased two sets of scrapbook pages on eBay. The browned crumbling pages of these tomes are like time capsules - they're memories of what was important to their former owners at that point in their life. 

One set of pages came from a Disney staffer who worked in Ink and Paint during the war years. It's filled with fascinating documents related to the inner workings of her particular department, as well as a couple-of-dozen Inter-Office memos related to the Studio's war work. I'll save that one for another day.

Today's post features a couple of items from the scrapbook of one Marjorie Louise Walker. Glued onto the tattered pages are poems, humorous quips, and newspaper clippings. One page contains a notice of the impending nuptials of Marjorie and her sister Darolyn to Hobert and Ken Fenwick, the double ceremony taking place on May 14, 1938. Also included is her Hollywood High ID pass and a report card (all A's and B's) from the Mabelle Scott Rancho School for Girls.

The neatest thing for me, though, was this ticket stub:

Marjorie saw Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Carthay Circle Theatre 75 years ago today. Disney's feature-length film didn't go into general release until February 4, 1938, so Marjorie was among the first moviegoers to see the film at one of the premiere engagement runs at select theaters around the country.

Also glued onto one of the scrapbook pages was this program Marjorie bought - it's filled with so-called "Disneygrams," which give little snippets of info about Disney's film. The program is a bit tattered but knowing it was at the theatre just a few short days after Snow White's initial premiere is neat.

And finally, while not part of the scrapbook but interesting all the same is the following image:

The photo was taken on January 22, 1938 during Snow White's cross-country publicity tour, and the costumes pictured are the same ones worn by dwarfs at the film's Hollywood premiere.

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