Thursday, December 8, 2011

"A Christmas gift from Mickey Mouse" - 1934

This premium was featured in Kay Kamen's 1934 Christmas Promotion manual. Retailers purchased these little booklets by the gross and had their toyland Santa give them away to children. What a great way to get a neat Disney item . . . and it was free!

Of course the visiting children and their parents had to navigate all of the point of sale display advertising, and aisles with shelves filled to the brim with neat merchandise, to get in line to see Santa . . . and this usually resulted in more than a few sales, thus offsetting the cost of the premium to the retailer. So much for free.

 Image courtesy Hake's Americana. 

The premium is from my own collection. The two images show the front cover, and the interior spread.

The wheel seen on the left with all the little illustrations could be spun. When viewed through a small opening on the front cover, the spinning illustrations gave the illusion of Mickey ice-skating. When viewed through the opening in the back cover, the illustrations depicted Minnie walking down a snowy trail.

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