Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2719 Hyperion Avenue - then and now

Research continues on the Hyperion history project with several new and exciting discoveries over the past couple of months. I can't quite tell you what those new finds are just yet. Instead, here are a couple of related images I think readers of this blog might enjoy:

First, the new addition to the front of the Disney studio's original 1925 building, circa the spring of 1930. This addition brought the front of the building flush to the sidewalk. The entrance door was also relocated several feet to the east:

Next up is a photo of the same spot taken just a couple of months ago:

Lastly, the two images married together courtesy my time machine (aka friend Paul Sorokowski). If only . . .

As always, I'm looking for any historic material related to Hyperion including letters, documents, staff newsletters, interior and exterior photographs, etc. Please email me if you have any related material to share or for sale.

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