Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pinocchio photostat model sheets

Fellow collector and researcher Robert Cowan sent me an email after seeing yesterday's post about the very first Pinocchio model sheet. Robert thought readers would be interested in seeing the following pair of photostat model sheets from his own collection.

I have seen literally dozens and dozens of model sheets over the course of the many years I have been collecting vintage Disneyana. I must admit, however, I have never previously seen either of the above model sheets Robert sent along.

I'm curious to know when the above revised sheet was created. If you look closely at this sheet you'll see written above the second image of Pinocchio at the top right side of the paper the notation, "OK Joe Grant." That notation was the signal the model sheet was officially approved and ready for distribution to those working on the film. Later sheets were initialed simply "OK JG." It's also interesting to note the design of Pinocchio in the revised sheet has changed substantially from that first model sheet shown here yesterday.

I also think it's fascinating to see the one sheet of all of the poses for Pinocchio's head. I think this just indicates the lengths Walt Disney and his artists went to in order to assure continuity when making a feature.

My thanks to Robert for again sharing some great items from his collection...very much appreciated. To see more of his collection click on the link under the Friends heading to the right.

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