Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Albert Hurter Pinocchio model sheet

Continuing now with some more posts of material from the Disney Studio Model Department, I present this absolutely stunning model sheet of Pinocchio. This wonderful piece of original art comes from the collection of my very good friend Dennis Books.

Dennis reports, "This model sheet is composed of images created by legendary concept artist Albert Hurter, and is the first model sheet ever created of Pinocchio. These details were confirmed by both Joe Grant and Bob Jones."

This art depicts Pinocchio with paddle hands, which were later changed to fingered gloves. The style of shoes worn by Pinocchio in the finished film were also changed, and the length of his shirt sleeves were also elongated to cover the joints on his arms.

In this instance, you can see where the person who assembled this model sheet cut out images from other sheets of paper and glued them onto this one piece of heavy stock paper. The original model sheets where reproduced as photostats and distributed to those working on the film.

An outstanding piece created by a master artist!

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