Wednesday, December 10, 2008

1935 Walt Disney Christmas card

The illustration on the front of this card was reproduced a few years ago on items sold at the Disney Store including a coffee mug, heavy stock paper gift bag, and a blanket.

The neat thing about this card are the illustrations found inside that tell of a Christmas party held at Mickey's house - these illustrations and the accompanying rhyming verse are exact copies of those found in the 1936 Whitman book, Mickey Mouse and His Friends, which can be seen here.

Another interesting item I discovered tonight while admiring these graphics, is that the Donald Duck illustration found in the Studio Christmas card and the Mickey Mouse book, is very similar to the Donald drawing depicted on a flyer found
here, that I just posted a couple of days ago.

I also noticed the flyer shows Horace picking out a collar, Clarabelle picking out a lavaliere, and Pluto picking out a pull toy with a cat on it - these are the items all three receive as presents in the book...

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