Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Before Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney and crew produced cartoons featuring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. This fantastic 27 by 41 inch poster was produced for the fourth Oswald cartoon and is currently being auctioned by Hakes.

According to the listing, "This treasured one sheet is one of the rarest. Not only is it a full-size, full-color poster featuring the character, it also promotes the specific animated short Great Guns rather than the character or cartoon series. This is the only poster example for this animated short known to exist and is also the earliest known cartoon specific Oswald poster."

This ultra rare gem already has a $20,000.00 bid. We'll see where it ends.

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DoctorHver said...

This cartoon was featured on the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Treasures DVD so it is nice to know that lest one poster of an orginal still suriving Oswald short exist.