Monday, December 10, 2007

Mickey Mouse Magazine

There were several incarnations of the Mickey Mouse Magazine. The first series was published in 1933 as a theater and retail store premium. The second version ran from 1933 through to 1935 and was used by national dairies as a giveaway. The third version was a newsstand item that originally sold for 10 cents a copy.

The third Mickey Mouse Magazine was initially owned by Hal Horne, who had obtained a merchandise license from Kay Kamen. I'll post more info on Horne in the new year. Horne ran the magazine until the June 1936 issue, at which time he relinquished control to Kamen. This third version of the Mickey Mouse Magazine ran until September 1940. The following month the magazine was reborn as the hugely popular Walt Disney's Comics & Stories comic book.

Here is the December 1937 Mickey Mouse Magazine "Holiday Number." The magazine is loaded with great advertising, stories, games and puzzles.

The books mentioned in the Christmas subscription ad were the boxed set of six Whitman Wee Little Books originally published in 1935. The titles in set number 512 included: Mickey Mouse and Tanglefoot; Mickey Mouse Wins the Race; Mickey Mouse's Uphill Fight; Mickey Mouse's Misfortune; Mickey Mouse Will Not Quit; and Mickey Mouse at the Carnival.

The tiny books measured just 3 1/2 by 3 inches, ran 38 to 40 pages in length and contained numerous black and white illustrations.

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